Metro Madrid becomes the setting for micro-theatrical representations at the fourth edition of Crono-Teatro

The representations will take place as from today until 28 April. Ciudad Universitaria, Cuatro Caminos and Nuevos Ministerios are the stations where the works will be represented.

Metro Madrid users who enter Ciudad Universitaria, Moncloa, Cuatro Caminos and Nuevos Ministerios Stations in the next four days will become spectators of a series of theatrical representations that will take place on account of the holding of the fourth “Crono-Teatro” contest for short theatrical works.

Today at Ciudad Universitaria Station, the Metro Madrid Chief Executive, Borja Carabante, presented this contest organized by Madrid Complutense University, on the occasion of the Complutense Letters Week.

Through this initiative, Metro users will be able to enjoy theatrical representations performed by the winners of the competition in metro trains and at stations.


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Metro contributes to Book Night with an original proposal for the widespread dissemination of poetry

The Secretary of Transport, Housing and Infrastructure, Pedro Rollán, presented the initiative today. The Engine Shed will accommodate “Ama tu ritmo (Love your rhythm)”, a poetic and musical representation interpreted by the Versonautas group

Metro Madrid contributes to the holding of Book Night with an original proposal for the dissemination of poetry at the Metro Engine Shed, which was presented today by the Secretary of Transport, Housing and Infrastructure, Pedro Rollán.

The “Ama tu ritmo” initiative, with which Metro contributes to the programme of Community of Madrid activities for this night, is a poetic and musical proposal of the Versonautas group created to disseminate poetry in a natural way, presenting texts by great poets in a manner closely linked to music.


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Installation of protection barriers for motorcyclists on 14 roads in the region of Madrid

The investment that the Community of Madrid, through the Directorate General of Roads and Infrastructures, will allocate to the installation of protection barriers for motorcyclists 14 roads in the region, will be hovering around one million euros for the present year. The aim of these actions is to reduce the number, severity and mortality of motorcycle accidents, especially in some stretchs located on the region’s roads. The choice of these areas has been made prioritizing its location in those sections of major accident rate in recent years, establishing a map of action in which motorists have been the main implicated. The works will be carried out in several sections, mainly in secondary or local networks, which are the biggest accidents recorded.  It is planned to install around 14.000 linear barriers with a motorist protection system, which will benefit 28 municipalities in the region.

Next construction site on highways in the region of Madrid


The action aims to improve traffic in the M-500 road, in the area connecting with the M-503 road in Madrid city that borders the Historical Park of La Casa de Campo.

To do this, the link acceleration lane will be extended by 775 meters on the roadway to Madrid, thus creating a weave section. On the other hand, the current deceleration lane will be doubled, and a single lane 250 metres will be extended in the opposite lane.

With these actions, the circulation in the trunk of the M-500 highway will improve considerably, going from a Service Level D to a B on the highway to Madrid and from a Service Level C to a B on the road in opposite direction, having also avoided the affection to the historical park of La Casa de Campo, located next to the site.


The action mainly benefits the residents of the municipalities of Pozuelo de Alarcón, Aravaca, Las Rozas and Majadahonda, in northwest of Madrid region, whose total population is around 275.000 inhabitants.

The bidding budget amounts to 1.212.593,86 euros and the planned time of works is 4 months.



Community of Madrid promotes the use of bicycles and public transport in the Region of Madrid

INSTALLATION OF NEW ‘CYCLE RACKS’ New step in the combined use of bicycle and public transport with the installation of new ‘cycle racks’ in the subway and train stations of Nuevos Ministerios and Chamartín, in the center of Madrid. These sites are part of the Plan REB- Red de estacionamientos para bicicletas (Bike Parking System), which aims to promote the sustainable mobility and which is complemented by two other initiatives: The identification and general inventory of cycle lanes, cycle paths, cycle routes and  the existing public and private bycicle racks Throughout the Community of Madrid, which is called Programa RIB – Red de Infraestructuras para Bicicletas (Bicycle Infrastructure Network Program) and the integration of the different public bicycle loan systems in the Community with the Public Transport Card.

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VENTEX20. Youth Pass: All Madrid at your fingertips.


The Public transport pass for 20 euros offered by the Community of Madrid to young people, ages 7 to 26, has already reached one million users. In the 15 months, since the entry into force of this tariff, people from Madrid region have saved over 100 million euros in transport.

The Community of Madrid encourages the public transport among the youth, connecting the young people of Madrid with diverse activities of leisure, culture or nature.

The 30 Days Youth Pass has a one-time fee of 20 euros and is valid for travel to all areas of the Madrid region and valid until the user turns 26 years old. Users who already have the Public Transport Card do not need to request a new card. Your profile will be updated to the new conditions automatically, and at no cost, in the first recharge operation of the card.

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