WIL info

The Faculty of Civil Engineering building is located at Armii Ludowej 16, here there are most lecture rooms and didactic and research laboratories. A great collection of the faculty library comprises over 9,500 books and 27 titles of Polish journals. Additionally, the library collects special publications, closely connected with the specializations. 


WUT Mission

The Warsaw University of Technology is an academic institution of higher learning, shaping the future social elites ― educated people with a broad outlook on the world, conscious of their own views but also understanding and respecting the world views of others. The University not only gives shape to the minds of its student but also forges their characters, awakens in them the kind of creative attitudes engineers should display, furnishing them not only with knowledge but also with skills. Knowledge is best imparted by those who actively expand it, and skills passed on by those who had to learn them through practice.

Deliverable 2.3

The Deliverable 2.3  was sent to the European Commission too.

APSE Partners can find this document in “Only for Partners” part of Apse website.

Deliverable 7.2

The Deliverable 7.2  was sent to the European Commission. APSE Partners can find this document in “Only for Partners” part of Apse website.


Task 2.3 progress report

Task 2.3 (“Reclaimed asphalt pavement integration method design”):

  • Stage one has been completed – bioagent laboratory production method.
  • Stage two – bioflux testing: completed in 60%
  • Stage three – HMA with RAP and bioflux testing_ completed in 40%

WUT finalized manual with the laboratory setup for bioagent production. Production involves oxydantion process in the pressure-controleld environment.